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This blog post is about my happenings of yesterday.  I got home late and was too tired to blog about it!

I've been with my boyfriend for a year & 9 months tomorrow (3rd), so we decided to have a day out together yesterday (1st). We popped into London. I had to return these shoes that I bought from Miss Selfridge around two weeks ago. They were far too uncomfortable! 

We started out at Tottenham Court Rd and worked our way down. We began by getting a Starbucks as London had a huge heatwave yesterday and I felt like I was going to faint! I had a small vanilla frappuccino and my boyfriend had a LARGE strawberry frappuccino. They are definitely my favourite things to buy from Starbucks. I absolutely hate hot drinks. Tea is the worst, i cannot stand the smell of it and coffee is a close second. I quite like hot chocolate, but only in the winter, with lots of extra sugar!!

Forever 21 has finally opened in London. About time if i must say so myself! My Mum visited the one in Dublin and picked out a few tops. There's a particular one I like myself, so I wore it yesterday tucked into my Levi shorts (hehe). I was amazed at how huge the store is. It was very busy, but it's only been open for a few days so the hype is still huge!  I noticed that the majority of clothes are bang on trend for this Summer. Lots of block colouring, repetitive patterns and tribal/aztec patterns. I wanted everything! My favourite floor was the top floor. Shoes, shoes shoes. Accessories. Handbags. cute pyjamas & lots of gorgeous underwear! After queuing for ages for the changing room, I ended up buying one item of clothing and some accessories for my bedroom. I will definitely be returning!

Pots: £4 each
Mirror £4

Playsuit - £16.75
These pictures don't do any justice to this playsuit or my figure at all!
I will be doing an O.O.T.D video wearing this for better detail.

After finishing down Oxford Street/Bond Street, we left to start at Leicester Square. I really love it down there during the Summer. The middle bit opposite the Mcdonalds/Burger King/Pizza Hut is currently being re-constructed so I don't know what it's becoming but I feel a bit gutted as I spend a lot of my Summer down there!

We finally visited the famous newish M&M world. I can't remember what that store used to be, but it's only been open for a few months. There's three in America that I know of; Las Vegas, Florida and New York. It's quite popular amongst the Japan/Chinese ethnicy so me and my Boyfriend were far too excited to finally visit!

Here are a few pictures:


The boyfriend... amazed by some coin machine!

Abbey Road style!!

Where the M&M's are made!!

We had a meal at Nandos (Vegetarian beanie burger, chips, coldslaw, & rice for me. Double Chicken pitta, chips, coldslaw & rice for the Boyfriend, and also a side order of Halloumi cheese which was gorgeous) and then headed to Trafalgar Square where a lady was singing for some street entertainment. It was lovely. So lively, even if it was 9.30pm! I took a few photos playing around with the shutter speeds on my DSLR.

Extra boring bits I bought:

Lots of love,


  1. every one where i live loves forever 21 lol. hose buildings at night are so pretty

  2. It's pretty cool, glad London has finally got one! Ah yeah they really are!


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