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I have been putting it on and off as to whether I should make a blogspot or not. Since starting to make YouTube videos, I've really wanted to start a personal blog. So many gurus on YT have blogspots and they've inspired me to sit down and learn how to use this website!

I've had a tumblr for over a year and have just over three thousand followers which for me is beyond amazing. However, thinking about it... I don't think tumblr is a 'blog' as such. I see it as a website where you can post photos as inspiration. I have definitely used it as a diary and have referenced all my memories and pictures over the last year and four months.  My tumblr link is on the left if you're interested. Thank you so much if you're from tumblr and you're checking out my blogspot!

I don't really know what else to say.  This blog will be a personal blog. I will be uploading my company reviews, product details, product swatches, hauls, outfit of the days aswell as personal photographs I have taken and of course, everyday memories.

I hope you enjoy my blog and this becomes as successful as my tumblr!

Lots of love,
Ashleigh xxxx

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