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I ordered three items from ELF on Tuesday evening. I got an email through yesterday to say my order had been dispatched and it arrived this morning! Yipee!

My order:
Studio Brush Shampoo £3.50
Studio Bronzer/Blush Duo £3.50
Flawless Finish Foundation (Porcelain) £6.50

I only buy things from the studio line now. The things I've bought previously from the studio line have been okay,  however nothing I would recommend to buy. I have always been pleased with everything I've bought from the studio line.

I needed a brush shampoo as I think one of the most important things when looking after your skin is making sure your makeup brushes are clean. I will happily admit I only deep cleanse mine once a week. I never use a 'daily' spray. However, I will be purchasing the studio daily brush spray when it's back in stock! 

 I usually just use a normal shampoo (bad I know!) to clean my brushes. I was stuck between choosing whether to buy the Bare Essentials brush shampoo, the ELF one or the one by Body Shop (which I couldn't find online!) I opt'd and bought this so I'll let you know if it works etc.

I love studio packaging.

 A mirror inside is always handy!

Swatches. I think the bronzer is quite 'shimmery'. I tried to use it this morning and I don't think I will ever use it. I bought this at chance really. I'm not a huge fan of the 'bronzed' look. I have never faked tan'd in my life, let alone owned a bronzer. I do like the look of defined cheek bones. I just think mine are non-existant! I will try to work with this product again one day, but I think I'll steer clear from trying to enhance my non existant cheekbones! The blush is lovely though. A really pretty pink which looks very pretty on the apples of the cheeks.

 Product information, directions etc.

I'm very pale skinned. If you follow me on Tumblr then you probably already know this. I have already done a blog post on my top three favourite foundations for pale white skin which you can find here. The written information is on this post. Therefore, I took a big chance buying a foundation from a brand I've never tried a foundation from before. I like to play it safe and stick with foundations I know I won't be wasting my pennies on. 

My shade is the lightest; porcelain.

It's actually quite a heavy but expensive looking bottle. I was quite impressed with the weight of the glass.

SPF of 15, great for the non-existant Summer. Even better if you're not from England ha-ha!
Also Oil free, which means your pores won't get clogged, therefore zero breakouts! (touch wood!)

I love their studio packaging so much. So well thought out, sleek and expensive looking.

The applicator is a pump which is okay. I think it's easier to get the foundation out when it comes to a pump and it also means you don't waste the product as much. I find with 'tube/squirt' foundations that if I squirt too much out then the product is wasted. Pump applicators pump out little product meaning if you need more you can pump again, instead of wasting product. On the downside, I find with pump applicators (more seen in glass bottles), it's hard to get the product out of the bottom once it's nearly finished. Annoying as hell!

I haven't used the foundation yet, however I swatched a little on my forehead this morning and  I think the colour match is near perfect. I want to try it out for at least a week or two before I make a final decision about it. I know a few people are a little dubious about buying it (as was I!) but it's really up to you!

Lots of love,

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