There is nothing I like better during the festive holidays, than to sit down and get creative. Whether it’s making my very own door wreath, gift tags or baking some yummy treats for all to enjoy. This year, I am super excited to be working with Reeves; one of the world’s leading creativity and lifestyle brands.

Reeves have recently undergone a huge rebrand, which gave me the perfect opportunity to get a feel of their latest products and decide what creative adventures I could get up to. Reeves have some fantastic creative products available to anyone; from beginner to full blown Van Gogh in the making.

Their vibrant and pigment-rich water based Acrylic paints are what attracted me the most and I started to think of some ideas. I had a little brainstorm session with a box of chocolates and a notebook and thought I could create some pretty baubles for our Christmas tree.

Our tree is a traditional one and something we never usually add to because the majority of our decorations are old and childhood ones. However, with the addition of a cat and a dog in our household, I thought it would be a nice touch to create personalised baubles for everyone; including the fur babies.

I got started by ordering the brand new re-branded metallicacrylic paints for a little over £10.00 from Amazon; which can be used on pretty much any surface. Try them on wood, fabric, paper and canvas for the best results. I also purchased a box of 6 glass baubles and some acrylic paint brushes with thinner style heads. All in all, I spent just under £30.00, which is an amazing price for personalised baubles. Considering you would spend around that if you bought them already made, you also get the fun out of making them yourself too!

My sister and I got started this week and started by sketching out some different fonts for each person’s name in our house. The paints come with 4 different metallic shades; a dark bronze, dark gold, lighter gold and a silver. Perfect shades for Christmas baubles!

The process was pretty simple. We just painted on each of our names and decorated the surrounding area of each bauble with snowflakes and polka dots. Of course, Elsie and Albert also got their very own pet baubles.

When it came to leaving them to dry, we simply hung each bauble on the end of 3 clothes hangers and left these hanging on an open drawer. A nifty solution if you decide to customise your own baubles this Christmas!

I was surprised at how quickly the paints dried and we was able to pack everything away pretty quickly. The paints themselves are a really good quality, with a hefty 75ml of paint per tube. Definitely more than enough for this particular creation, which means we can keep them aside for any DIY ideas we have in the near future.  There have been no problems with the paint coming off as the paint consistency is really thick and of a high quality, which I really do recommend if you’re looking for some high quality metallic paints and not the thin consistency kind!

I am really happy with how the baubles turned out and how easy it was to create something personalised for our Christmas tree that needed a serious update!

Reeves products are available from Amazon and from a range of retailers across the UK.

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Reeves. All words and content are my own.


Listening to music is a necessity for me. I listen to music every morning on the commute to work, during the working day at my desk, during lunch when catching up with something on Netflix and then on the commute home. Therefore, it's essential I have a brilliant pair of earphones or headphones.

It's no secret around here that I love Sudio products. You may have seen me feature their white and rosegold ear buds on my Instagram earlier this year. They are great for on the go, the gym and travelling but headphones seem to be a bit more of an appropriate choice whilst travelling around London. 

The Sudio Sweden Regent Headphones are truly incredible and I am so happy to finally have some headphones with background noise cancellation. The Regent Headphones provide a high quality, world class sound for all music and podcast listeners everywhere and anywhere. Not only are they wireless and bluetooth activated, but they're also really pretty to the eye too.

Retailing at a competitive £79, I chose the white ones but they are also available in black too. They come in a super adorable white gift box with a red bow to finish, so make a really festive and cute Christmas gift for someone this year. 

Could it get any better? Yep, it sure can. For an extra £14.99, you can get interchangeable caps if you fancy changing up the design on the side of the headphones. The original caps are plain white, but I got some marble caps and swapped these over. They clip on really easily and make the headphones look a lot more personalised! Available in white marble, black marble and a few other funky designs. 

RRP: £79.00, white or black. Available from

Disclaimer: PR sample.


Looking for some gifts for the special gentleman in your life? Look no further than the Being Ashleigh gift guide 2017! Let's get started and kick off with...

Anthony Joshua x LYNX Gift Set | RRP £7.00 but only £2.50 in Wilko
To celebrate AJ fighting in the ring for a decade, LYNX have teamed up with him and brought out a range of different grooming products. This limited edition gift set comes with a bodyspray deodorant and shower gel and I can confirm it's the best smelling masculine product I've ever smelt. If he's a fan of AJ or just loves to smell super sexy, he will love this. I guarantee you'll have the best smelling partner in the entire room.

The Savile Row Company cologne | £27.00 50ml or £39.00 100ml
A prestigious and truly British cologne. Shouting out gentleman vibes, sensuality and masculinity; The Savile Row Company fragrance is aimed at the man who is only seen in the very best. Think tailored, sharp collars and perfectly placed bows and ties. With fresh top notes of amber and warm woods, this fragrance opens with sparkling citrus notes, spicy pink pepper and fresh peppermint. Basically, if he wears this he will definitely turn heads. Bit dangerous really but certainly worth it knowing he's coming home to you.

Dove Men+ Care Gift Set | RRP £14.00 but only £7.00 at Ocado
If you're after a wash gift set that is a little different, this Dove one is the perfect one. It comes not only with a shampoo, shower gel and deodrorant; but with a super handy portable phone charger too. Perfect for him when he's on the go so you're guaranteed a text back!

Bandito Face Masks from masque BAR | £3.99 ASOS 
The perfect stocking filler for any man who likes to look after his skin. Sheet masks are IN and who says men should be left out to the beauty hype that women love?! These Bandito sheet masks from masque BAR have different properties, ingredients and benefits to the skin; with fun names to make them that little bit personal. No excuse for him not to get involved with Sunday's ritual pamper night now. Just get first dibs on not cutting the cucumber!

HUGO BOSS Bottled Tonic | 50ml £44.50 The Fragrance Shop
Bottled Tonic from HUGO BOSS is the latest release from HB and something that is truly special. It's aimed at the successful man who likes to act and look sharp; never seen in anything but the nicest clothes and shoes. With an elegant blend of citrus, spices and woods; it has that masculine twist that us ladies go weak at the knees for. Available in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml, RRP £44.50-£78.50.

Thermapen Digital Thermometer | £65.00
It's red, shiny and fast just like a ferrari... but it's just not as pricey and it's definitely not a car. The Thermapen digital thermometers are a fabulous gift for the guy in your life who loves to cook. What a better present that can actually be cracked open on Christmas morning when he's cooking that crispy turkey for your family and friends. This one has a 360 degrees self-rotating display that will give you the most accurate results possible... or well actually, give him the results.

Frapin VSOP Cognac | 700ml £50.00 Selfridges and Harvey Nichols 
The perfect drink to enjoy on those frosty winter evenings in front of the fire and a box of chocolates on the side. Frapin VSOP is a golden amber cellar masterpiece which can be enjoyed with or after dinner. With a staggering 40% alcohol included, it's definitely one for the big man in your life who can handle his drink better than Uncle Bob. It's best enjoyed when chilled from the freezer as the flavours melt and warm up at room temperature.

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon | £24.00 M&S
With the rise of BBQ street food and US style smokehouses, bourbon is becoming very popular and we all know exactly why. It's delicious! This new release to M&S has a whopping 45% alcohol and is best enjoyed neat or over a small glass of ice. Rich, spicy flavours along with sweet, fruity aromas and hints of sweet oak and caramel. Finishes soft, smooth and pleasantly long. The palate is creamy, ending with a well-balanced moderately sweet finish.

The best Secret Santa or joke present for Dad that you'll probably ever find. This creepy crawly game will really test how daring he is. Simply spin the wheel and eat the bug that it lands on! Can he stomach eating crickets, mealworms and locusts? Only one way to find out!

The perfect stocking filler for the man that loves baking; especially Christmas baked treats! He can achieve those spicy, cinnamon and festive baked goods with the help of these spice drops. Simply use the stopper to add into your baking mixture and voila... festive treats all round. Nigella Lawson LOVES them! 

Only a few days left till the big day, but still plenty of time to get these picked up in-store or online with a speedy delivery! 


I'm back again this year with a brand new gift guide of ideal gifts for her. If you need some extra ideas this year, then here you go!

Elegant Touch Christmas Nails | £9.99 from Boots
For the manicure maniac in your life. Elegant Touch and Henry Holland have done it again with their collaborative 'Ho! Ho! Ho! designs. 'Tis the season to be super tacky and festive and what more says that than Christmas nails?! Choose from 'Santa Claws' and 'Golden Baubles' and her nails will grab more attention than the golden turkey at the dinner table.

ARDELL Fauxminx Lash Lookbook | £59.99 exclusive to Superdrug
Leading lash brand, Ardell, have launched their first LIMITED EDITION Fauxminx Lookbook of premium designer lashes. Each lash style is beautifully layered, silky-soft and have a multi-dimensional look with lightweight fibres. The collection features eight NEW styles which have been carefully selected to make any lash lover a very happy girl!

813- Wispy, feathered lashes create a natural look
815- Medium volume lash with a tight criss-cross effect
816- Light volume lash, longer length accentuates eyes
810- Dramatic, spiked effect with uneven lash lengths for a feathery look
812- Fluttery, eye-opening effect - lashes are longer in the centre of the lash
814- Light volume lash in a lightly flared style with criss-crossed fibres and a slight cluster effect
811- Flared effect, lashes are longer at the outer corner with light criss-cross layering
817- Medium volume lash, longer in the centre to open the eyes

Protein World Slender Blend Collection | £59.99, usually £79.99
The perfect gift for anyone looking to start a fitness regime in the new year.  The Slender Collection comes with a huge tub of formula improved Vanilla flavoured low calorie meal replacement powder; packed full of high hey protein. Mix it all up in the protein shake cup that comes with the collection! Contributing to weight loss, the replacement shake should be used as a meal replacement twice a day, in the context of an energy restricted diet.  You also receive Hunger Buster (appetite control) and Fat Metaboliser (caffeine and green tea boost) capsules which should both be used as part of a healthy diet.

GHOST Eau de Toilette 'Deep Night' Mini Gift Set | £8.00 from Superdrug and Boots 
There are so many beautifully packaged and girly gift sets from GHOST to choose from this year. However, if you're looking for a cheap and cheerful Secret Santa or something for a school friend, this little gift set will only set you back £8. Inside she will find a 10ml Deep Night Eau de Toilette and a dark plum nail polish. Deep Night opens with addictive notes of Indian rose with a heart of ripe peach and moon flower; finishing with vanilla orchid and precious wood.

Pretty Animalz by Masque Bar Sheet Masks | £4.00 ASOS
These super fun sheet masks are the cutest thing any girl could receive. Not only are face masks a good gift in general, but if you could have a sheet mask of a cute festive animal, then why wouldnt you?! This super cute Pretty Animalz launches from Masque Bar are a must have. Choose from penguin, polar bear and moose! Each mask does something different; from hydrating, moisturising and radiating.

Echo Falls Summer Berries Vodka | £13.99 B&M Stores
If she's a fruity alcohol like myself, she will love this new release of summer berries flavoured vodka from Echo Falls. Mix with a little prosecco or cloudy lemonade and enjoy a festive, fizzy tipple with your loved ones.

Leather Goals Journal | £36.99
We all need somewhere to write about our exciting and not so exciting dates... and we also need somewhere to vent about our days or even our hopes and dreams. This gorgeous pink, leather journal is the perfect gift for anyone of any age; embossed with rose gold detailing. Pair with a fancy pen and she's set to write until her heart's content.

Magnitone Barefaced Shimmer Collection | £89.99 from
I'm a huge fan of Magnitone face brushes and swear by them for healthy and glowy skin. Magnitone have just launched their Shimmer Collection, which is super cute and pretty to have on her dresser. The multi-award winning Daily Cleansing Brush will make your skin feel softer and look brighter due to the Vibra-Sonic Technology that works deep into the skin to remove impurities. She only needs 60 seconds per day out of her busy schedule. Choose from a festive pink rose or serenity blue - what would she prefer?

Palmer's Skin Therapy Face Oil | £9.99
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula are very delighted to add to its product range, the new Skin Therapy Oil for Face. Made using 10 natural oils such as Coconut, Argan and Rosehip and powerful anti-ageing propertiies like Retinol and Vitamin C; they all work together to moisturise the face and inject youth back into the face in just a few handy drops! Making it super easy in the comfort of her own home to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst firming and brightening her skin. Perfect.

Drinks21 Blue Bottle Gin | £42.00 from
Does she kick back at the weekend with a large glass of gin and tonic? If you're nodding, then maybe you should top up her personal collection with a big bottle of gift boxed Blue Bottle Gin from Drinks21. This award winning dry gin is meticulously made at a distillery in Guernsey using a unique combination of botanicals and hand picked local gorse flower. Just make sure you pour the first glass for her.

Pickering's Gin Baubles | £30.00
What more could a Christmas loving, gin loving woman need in her life? Christmas Gin filled baubles of course! Easily the most sought after festive decoration ever, so you better be quick if you want some for her tree... or yours!

Tropic So Sleepy Pillow Mist | £20.00
This 70ml of dreaminess is the perfect gift for mum or nan; or whoever has trouble drifting off at night. Packed full of essential oils such as eucalyptus, rose geranium, frankincense, chamomile, rosewood, rosemary and lavender; simply spritz onto her pillow before bedtime and she will find herself entering the land of nod in no time...

Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask | £39.90 from
Sunday's are made for kicking back with a glass of wine and a face mask, so why not treat her to a really special one? This Australian 4-in-1 treatment from Sand & Sky helps detoxify and brighten the skin in just 10 minutes. Pretty nifty, right? Made using the purest and most natural ingredients, it works by minimising excess oil whilst refining pores, regulating sebum, combating pollution and reducing pigmentation. It also smells lush too due to the pomegrante, plum and liquorice additions. Could there be anything more to add about this amazing product? Yes! It's vegan and cruelty free!

i heart Asti from i heart Wines - £8.99, available from Nisa supermarkets
What woman doesn't love a bottle of bubbly all for herself? This one is deliciously fresh and packed full of fruity, peachy flavours.

Naomi and Nicole Bodyshaper - £69
Every woman likes to feel and look great, so why not treat her to something that will make her feel a million dollars all night long? A bodyshaper can create all kinds of new confidence under that little black dress. Make her smile dazzle a whole lot more, when she rocks up at the New Year's party on your arm; feeling and looking fabulous.

I hope this gift guide has helped you think of some super cool and lovely gift ideas for Her this Christmas!

Struggling to get your Christmas parcels delivered to friends and family up and down the country? Why not use a courier to be your personal Santa Claus?! You can even have your gifts collected from your front door by using the express service by Parcelforce. Keep up to date with the cheapest courier services at My Parcel Delivery. It saves time AND money!

Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples. All words and photographs are my own. 


For just over a month, I have been working really closely with a hair brand called NIOXIN. Tailor made for people who are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss, NIOXIN claims to transform your hair if you use their products consecutively. They have a campaign running at the moment called #NIOXIN30Days - in which you are to use NIOXIN products for 30 days and you should see fantastic results.

NIOXIN carried out a global research project on 4000 adults. The results confirmed that those with thinning hair hold back from living a fuller life. A staggering 27% of these people admitted they would rather avoid social situations because of little confidence they have with their hair.

Since I was younger, my hair has always been thick and made most people envious. However, four years ago when I started the transformation from brunette to blonde, my hair began to deteriorate. What used to be a thick and bouncy pony tail, became a limp and lifeless one. Whilst the waist length used to be natural, I now wear hair extensions because I feel much more confident with a thick and lusciously long Rupunzel head of hair; rather than limp, thin and shoulder length hair.

According to the research carried out, a mighty 68% of 25-34 year olds admitted to feeling concerned about hair loss and thinning. Over 50% of these people reported being less likely to take a selfie and upload it to social media, due to not feeling confident about their hair. I'm about four weeks away from sitting nicely in this age bracket and I can completely agree. I'm a sucker for any new kind of product launch that claims to thicken your hair when blowdrying, hair masks that will apparently give you the softest hair in the world and serums that will maintain those pesky flyaways. However, there I still was; pencilling in 30 mins of my next weekend to wash my hair extensions.

So many claims from brands and the media and yet there's not many products out there that I firmly believe in; nor many that claim to do exactly what they say they will do. However, I had high hopes for the new NIOXIN 3-Part System Kits and around six weeks of using these products; my hair has drastically transformed and improved.

These products have a new formulation and are the first innovations in colour protection, enhancement and the delivering of thicker and fuller hair up to TWO times more than normal. There are a total of six NIOXIN 3-Part System kits in the range and one for absolutely everyone. The systems are being introduced to salons for in-salon treatments, so you can use the handy salon finder to find  where uses them. Alternatively, NIOXIN products are available singularly at LookFantastic; should you want to buy and try them at home. The RRP is £32.10.

NIOXIN 3-Part System: Kit 5

My #NIOXIN30Days challenge started by meeting an expert from NIOXIN. We discussed my hair and the concerns I had with it. Whilst I weirdly do have quite a healthy head of hair for someone who's been bleach blonde for a few years, I have been quite concerned about the amount of shedding my hair seems to be experiencing lately. I always notice it in the mornings when I am straightening my hair and look down to find lots of broken hair on my legs or the floor. I do tend to lose a fair amount of hair when washing too, so it was great to get some advice about this problem and be involved in a campaign that could help me solve these issues.

A special microscope tool called the Nioscope 2.0 was used to study my hair. It was in all honesty, quite shocking seeing my hair zoomed up to 2,000 times. The expert studied my scalp and density of my hair. Apparently, my hair was overall quite healthy but very congested on the scalp. This meant that my hair's density has detoriated over the years due to congestion. Follicles in the scalp were blocked with residue of years of products and chemical treatments, preventing my scalp from breathing and sprouting new hair.

After my diagnostic, I was prescribed with Kit 5 for chemically treated hair with progressed thinning. It claims to help achieve noticeably smoother and denser looking hair, so I was looking forward to getting started. It says to use it everyday for 30 days to really achieve and see results, but in reality... who has time to wash their hair everyday for a month? Instead, I was told that I could wash my hair every other day and just do a double shampoo cleanse when I do wash it. This is the routine that I stuck to, but I sometimes did wash it every day depending on how busy I was.

NIOXIN 3-Part System: What's inside the kit

Inside the kits, you get three products. Starting with the Step 1: Cleanser Shampoo, gently massage into the scalp and rinse. If washing your hair every other day, shampoo and rinse again. Then it's time to use the Step 2: Scalp Therapy Revitalizing Conditioner. I love this because it can be applied all over the hair; including the scalp. I massage it into my scalp for a few minutes, worked it across to my ends too and then wash it out. Finally, comes Step 3: Scalp and Hair Treatment; a gel like consistency that is applied to the scalp and roots of damp hair and not rinsed out. This nourishes the scalp and removes the build up of product residue.

The shampoo and conditioner products have a natural, tea tree smell and feeling to them; making my scalp tingle upon application. It's hard to explain, but after rinsing the shampoo from my hair, my scalp felt 'squeaky clean'. My scalp has never looked so healthy before. No dandruff or redness.

Also in the range and thus also tested during the 30 days is the NIOXIN 3D Diaboost Hair Thickening Xtrafusion. This targets thinning hair and delivers visibly thicker and fuller hair upon application and final style. It's easy to use and can be applied to damp or dry hair daily. It should be massaged into the roots only and combed through.

Finally, I have been using the NIOXIN Deep Protect Density Hair Mask to lock in extra moisture to my dehydrated, blonde locks. This can be used in replacement of the conditioner or used afterwards. I didn't use it every time, but I did use it at least once a week and found it helped maintain frizziness and maintained the dryer parts of my hair. More than anything, I found it drastically changed the amount of breakage my hair usually suffers from.

I decided to keep a diary on my phone notes using the NIOXIN system, so that it would be easier and more memorable to record my thoughts and opinions for this post. Here's what I recorded:

Day 1: Hair feels really dry today, so I am going to start the NIOXIN 30 day trial. I've double cleansed using the shampoo and used the other two products in the system kit. I also applied the Deep Protect Density Mask for extra moisture. The products have a menthol/minty feeling and smell to them.

Day 5: Hair feels super smooth today and I am really impressed. Today's the first day where I've straightened my hair and it's not gone fluffy by midday. I will shampoo again tomorrow.

Day 5: limp, lifeless and a thinner ponytail 

Day 10: Used the same products as day 1. Noticed a significant less amount of shedding and the shedded bits are smaller than usual. Having to usually use a serum in my hair routine, my hair feels silky and thicker without having to use a serum.

Day 16: Someone commented on my hair today and how fuller it looks.

Day 20: Double shampoo cleanse today and hair feels squeaky clean. The second shampoo lathered up better than the first. Used the hair mask again and hair feels super smooth and bouncy. Again, not the usual amount of shedding.

Day 23: Washed hair again today. Skipped the hair mask step, but massaged step 3 into my roots with a head massage technique. Followed this with a root boosting mousse from WELLA. Very voluminous hair today, bouncy and shiny. Hardly any shedding at all!

Day 25: Hair feels amazing today. My mum commented how different it looks and that it seems to be growing.

Day 30: Double shampoo cleanse today. Used the mask and the Diaboost Thickening product before blowdrying. Hair feels very voluminious, thick and smooth after straightening. My hair definitely looks a lot sleeker! I haven't worn my hair extensions for the past 2 weeks!

Day 25: a much thicker ponytail

Endorsing a brand with products that has these kinds of claiming results is a big thing to do, so it's also important to only agree to do so if you truly believe in the products themselves. After just the first use of the 3-part system kit from NIOXIN, I was very impressed by the results and can honestly say that my hair has never felt better. I have already recommended the kits to so many people who are intrigued due to seeing the results after 30 days on my own hair.

Feeling a lot more confident to leave the house without using hair extensions to lengthen and thicken my hair is a massive thing for me, but it's something I have managed to do after just 2 weeks of using the NIOXIN products. I even feel more confident to wear upstyles, such as a ponytail or top knot. I am still continuing to use the products and have actually just started using another kit within the range to see how that works for me too.

After 30 days of using the NIOXIN 3-Part System kit and additional products, I headed over to The Wella World Studio in London to work closely with the NIOXIN and WELLA hair teams on some content creation (all of which is credited below each piece of content in this post). I worked really closely with NIOXIN ambassador, Kay McIntyre who created a tutorial on how to use one of the systems with my own hair. It was a really good day and very interesting to hear more about the brand and products themselves.

One of the biggest things I learned at the studio day was that breakage is usually always down to two things; cheap hair straighteners and not using a heat protection spray - both of which I am 110% guilty of! Whilst I have recently chucked away an old hair dryer and got a new one, I think simply taking a little more care of my hair can save it from suffering any longer.

I love NIOXIN so much, that I cannot imagine not using them in my routine now. Even if it's not consecutively and just every now and then to unclog the scalp and thicken my hair, these products will be sitting on the corner of bath waiting to be used the next time.

They say your hair should be full of secrets, but mine's not. My hair is is full thanks to NIOXIN. #FullerHairFullerLife

Disclaimer: This post is a collaborative paid partnership with NIOXIN. All words are my own. Photography and content is owned by NIOXIN and is credited where required. Please do not distribute any of the content on this page without permission. All content is my own unless otherwise stated.