As of May 2016, all posts are now marked with a disclaimer so its clear whether the post is paid for, features items sent to me for review and such. This also includes items bought with a gift voucher, store credit or featured from a goodie bag from an event.

I try to post about items I receive within 2-3 weeks of receiving them but this does depend on my current schedule and how many items I am currently trying out. I will ONLY feature items that I think are fit for purchase and something that I would purchase with my own money. I remain loyal to my readers and have done for the past 5 years so anything that is featured is something I truly recommend to my audience. Saying that, I do not feature 'negative' reviews on products I do not like - I just decide not to feature them at all. I can of course return un-used products fit for re-selling such as clothing if postage is covered.

I do earn money from my blog in many ways such as sponsored posts and advertising but these are always disclaimed at the bottom of every post. Every sponsored post or advertisement will always fit in with the natural voice and content of Being Ashleigh.

Now onto the technical and geeky but important stuff...

I DO accept a mix of nofollow and do follow links but to keep my blog in search engines' good books  and abiding by the ASA's guidelines, do follow links are noted in as 'in collaboration with X' in the disclaimer.

Any running adverts are placed at the bottom of my blog and run in periods of either 30, 60 or 90 days.

Contact me for my rates.

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