It's sad when you're laying here, tucked up in bed and regretting having ever lived a precious year of your life. I have had those thoughts every day for months, before I have to remind myself that in actual fact; 2016 has been one of the best years of my life.

I'm no stranger when it comes to sharing my life on the internet. I'm honest, raw and every personal post is down right written with no fucks given. I have really reflected on my year this week, not knowing what direction to take this post in, but all I aim to ever do is remain honest and loyal to you reading. Hello by the way and thank you for stopping by.

Let's take a ride in the time machine and rewind back. Where was I? What was I doing? Who was I giving my time to? Well, I started the year off with a similar post to this with my 2016 goals, which I am ecstatic to stay I smashed all of my goals which are outlined throughout the post.

Who was I and who am I now? 
I was a quiet, isolated and negative person who cried most days and nights, questioned her existence in life and felt like a failing waste of space. I'm now living my career dreams in London, continuing to run an established and successful blog and feeling fulfilled, happy and laughing and smiling every day. Happiness truly is an amazing feeling.

6 things that 2016 taught me:

1) It was ok to lose myself but it was important to find myself again.

I really lost myself this year and found myself breaking down in a room with a doctor. Why was I crying everyday? Why was I lashing out at people I love? Why did I feel worthless? Why did I just want to stay in bed and do nothing every day? I had so many questions that had no answers. I felt lost, out of place and like I was stuck in another world that wouldn't let me back into the happy world that I had always known. 

The truth is, I knew the answers to all of those questions. I was letting my mind, body and soul be controlled by another person. A selfish, narcissistic and vile "man", who made me feel like I was worth as much as something that he had trod in earlier that day. I knew what I had to do, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Every time I tried to leave, it was like we was both magnets and he couldn't let go. I was trapped and letting someone else control my feelings. It was like I was a machine inside and he had the remote to make me cry, shout and isolate myself whenever he wanted me to. 

This Summer was a huge wake up call for me and nobody helped me find that strength, other than myself. The second he raised his fist at me, it was like someone really had punched me and woke me up from the nightmare I had been living in for the past 14 months.  

2) I'm not difficult to love - I'm actually very easy to love and please.

I was always made to feel like I am abnormal in relationships and impossible to love. The sad thing is, I believed this which really added to the worthless feeling I felt everyday. Why would anyone want to be with me? Why would he want to stick around? I was a very miserable person so why would I be entitled to happiness? 

However, a new relationship has made me believe in love again. It's all still very new and in all honesty, I am still healing. I always thought I would have trust issues in people but when someone new in your life treats you in a way you have never been treated before; those initial trust issues just disappear.

We are hours away from starting a new year and I am going into it feeling like a woman. Having always been treated as a girl, a temporary thing, a possibility, an option; it's quite a weird feeling  being put first and on top of the list of someone's priorities. I am usually that person who puts the people I love before anything and everything else. To receive that back is very refreshing and completely alien to me. I really don't think I could be happier right now.

3) I didn't stop chasing my dreams.

So many people sneered and laughed at me for the dreams I had. You don't have a real job Ashleigh... all you do is sit at home on your laptop is the one that really stuck in my mind. The growth and adaptation of social media means that unless you're an active user of Twitter, an uploader on YouTuber or even a follower of blogs and vloggers; you won't understand my "freelance job". 

My blog has allowed me to travel this year, work with hundreds of different brands, become a brand ambassador for some brands, work on campaigns to support brands and awareness for different causes, meet many amazing bloggers, PR's and companies and course; land me in the dream job that I am working in today.

At the end of the Summer, I landed myself in my dream job of working in Beauty PR. I'm a huge believer in fate, timing and good things come to those who wait. After all, I had been trying to break a career in PR for 3 years and not had any luck. However, the second I leave a sour relationship, I get an email asking if I am interested in a job role in Beauty PR without me having applied in the first place. Fate? Good timing? I think so!

I work with the most amazing ladies which has led to precious friendships. In all honesty, there hasn't been a day where I have felt really alone since I started this job. I handle the blogger outreach side of things (dreamy!), which is amazing as it means I get to work with a huge network of people that I have known for so long anyway.

4) The best is yet to always come. 

As I've said, I believe life has everything set out for you and if you try to change the way things are meant to be, then things won't end well. When you've been through a lot, it makes you appreciate things a whole lot more when you've finally got something good. I think being in a new relationship with a fellow content creator just makes much more sense to me. He understands me, knows what I am about, supports my every move and he is always one step ahead of my own creative thinking. 

I've tried dating people that are the complete opposite to me; the teacher, the graphic designer, the builder, the buyer, the guy that sold garden sheds for a living. However, nothing ever worked out because life simply didn't have them in the grand plan for me. 

'Nice guys finish last' is a saying that sticks in my head quite a lot. Even though he tried to take me out a lot of times, timing was never right and I have missed out on a lot more happiness that I could have had. Saying that though, I feel like a completely different person now than I was 6 months ago. I am stronger, harder to break down; but most of all... selfish for the first time in my life. 

My self-happiness is the most important thing. If that means I am selfish, then so be it. I would never let another person(s) control me ever again. I don't need to be in a relationship or popular with my friendship circle to be happy. I am content with every aspect of my life and will always remember that I was very happy on a new journey of being a 20-something newly-single girl... I mean woman. 

As much as I try to be sassy and all b-e-y-o-n-c-e though, I am very excited for the future with him and hope he feels the same about me/us. 

5) A furry friendship is the best of all. 

It wouldn't be a 2016 summary if I didn't mention little-but-not-so-little-anymore Elsie. I got her almost a year ago (12th January) and it's been a roller coaster of a year. She has really tested everyone's patience, chewed up way too many pairs of slippers and almost pulled me over on walks way too many times. However, she's incredibly loving, clingy and loves nothing more than a cuddle with her human on the sofa. 

6) Do my own thing, by myself, for myself. 

I think this is a resolution I will also be taking into 2017. I've got myself into a really good place with the help of no one but myself. Of course, I've had ongoing support from my family and friends, but no one can really save you from drowning in your own negativity. It's about finding the courage and inner strength to address the problem and deal with it. 

This really is the last fake smile of mine from this year that you will see. If I hadn't got out when I did, it baffles me that I would still be where I was and wouldn't have the good things in my life that I have now; my dream career, fantastic new friends and the most amazing and supportive boyfriend.  

2016, I won't miss you at all but thank you for teaching me that I am worth much more than what I was living and settling for. Scary thought. Bring on 2017 and everything it has coming for me. I cannot wait.


Good afternoon everyone! I hope you have all had the best Christmas. I certainly have eaten way too much food and drink, but still can't stop myself from raiding the chocolates and pringles!

I love watching 'what I got for Christmas' videos, so I thought I would film my own. I know they are a bit of a taboo type of video, but I simply love the gifts I have received this year, so thought I would share some of them with you.

If you haven't already subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do! I am going to be upgrading my camera very soon (Olympus Pen EPL-8, come at me!), so hopefully I can start vlogging a bit more regularly rather than sporadically! Enjoy ^_^


A few weeks ago, Bianca (the lovely lass I work with incase you didn't already know) and I got glammed up and dressed up head to toe in sequins and glitter in the office; ready to head over to The W Hotel in Leicester Square for the annual Boohoo Blogger Christmas Party

I was kindly gifted this gorgeous rainbow sequin Scarlett dress, which I picked out from the huge Christmas dresses range. It's a gorgeous shift dress, covered in sequins of every colour imaginable. It definitely got a lot of attention, so if you're looking for the perfect party piece, this is definitely the one. I teamed it up with some black platform heels and a leopard print faux fur coat for some contrast. 

 The W Hotel is a gorgeous venue and had many events going on at the same time. Boohoo had booked a private room out for the party, with its very own bar, photo booth, giant disco balls hanging from the ceiling, DJ booth with THE coolest DJ's (ever); and there was even a Just Dance dance machine to get your groove on. 

We had way too many glasses of rosé, took too many selfies and danced the night away. We ended up staying there for a few hours, mingling with some fabulous fashion bloggers and the Boohoo press team; eventually leaving to head to a West London club. 

It's always a pleasure to mingle with the PR's I have been working with over the course of nearly 5 and a half years. Here's us with the gorgeous Lisa and Nathalie from the Boohoo team. So many sequins and sparkles!

We soon arrived at The Cuckoo Club in Mayfair and was given a VIP table with bottomless drinks all night. It's safe to say we got rather drunk on a school night (which I DO NOT recommend unless you love the worst hangovers ever), and ended up in the VIP celebrity area with the likes of Keith Lemon and Emma Bunton... who we had a dance and a selfie with! 

Boohoo sure know how to throw parties, so thank you very much to the team for inviting me! 

Disclaimer: Blog event. Dress was provided c/o


My blog does give me some amazing opportunities, so imagine how excited I was to be invited along to London's hottest Christmas pantomime this year, att Theatre503.  Running for the past three weeks and finishing on 7th January; Scrooge and The Seven Dwarves is a must-see this Christmas. 

Located at the top of The Latchmere Pub in Battersea, we wasn't sure what to expect as we had never been to a pantomime before, let alone a show that inside a pub. However, as soon as we arrived, we got that welcoming and homely pub feeling that most London pubs give off and was very pleased to see there was a clear sign directing people to the theatre upstairs. No awkward conversations with a confused barman trying to locate a theatre show that he knows nothing about! 

Upon arrival, we handed over our press tickets and the waiting area was bustling with a mix of adults and children (of all ages). The show started at 7pm and we was right on time, so people started to head inside to sit down ready for the show. 

Within 10 minutes, the show kicked off with three guys from production team, Sleeping Trees, having a humorous conversation about how they are going to have to run the show with just three people. Obviously very slapstick and tongue in cheek humour, but equally as funny and exciting.

The story is all about Ebeneza Scrooge who has no Christmas Spirit and so Father Christmas cannot deliver his Christmas presents to all the good little boys and girls because he needs his sleigh to run on Christmas Spirit, of course! Scrooge is transported to 'fairytale land' and hates it; soon realising he must start being a nice person in order to be returned to Old London town. 

A mix of childhood fairy tale characters are thrown into the mix, including; Snow White and her Seven Dwarves (played by 2 guys - it is very clever how they pull that one out of the bag too!), The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins.

There are also surprises thrown in which I don't want to spoil, but they are well worth the anticipation! 

Adult tickets = £15  /  Child tickets = £16  / Family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children) = £40

★★★★★ - A must see for all ages, before Christmas Day -

Disclaimer: Press tickets were given for an honest review on my blog. Photos courtesy of David Monteith-Hodge


Now it's time for Him. If you're anything like me, you will have many guys in your life that are near impossible to buy for. I often leave my dad, grandad etc till last and always tend to go for the expected gifts. Wine, beer and seasonal gift sets.  However, I thought this year I would cover a men's gift guide as I covered a few last year and you guys really found them useful. So here goes...

The perfect gift for a guy with a beard or who is starting to grow his facial hair. It's important to keep a beard in top notch condition, so this handy little kit will come in useful all year round. A collaboration between beauty brand, Elegant Touch and former England ruby player, Ben Cohen; the grooming set comes with scissors to trim, a comb and a toiletry bag to keep everything together.

A Powerpack is the perfect gift for the tech loving guy in your life. Featuring one USB for phone charging and another for tablet charging; dead batteries are no more thanks to this nifty little device from VARTA. It comes in 6000mAh, 10400mAh and 16000mAh, and is also available at B&Q, Homebase and Notcutts.

It's a fact that all men love food, right? I know the guys in my family certainly do, so food type gifts are always a great idea just so see their face light up on Christmas morning. Portlebay make weird and wonderful flavours of popcorn which can be enjoyed by everyone, but are a low calorie snack; perfect for the guy who works out and needs a snack in-between work and the gym. From Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup, to Sherbet Lemon, to the slightly more normal Sea Salted; there are all kinds of flavours to choose from. Available from Amazon.

VonShef 1000w Ultrablend- £34.99
This nifty little device is faster than a bullet and a ninja. It is able to quickly blend fruit, vegetables, ice-cream and protein to make smoothies and milkshakes. The razor sharp blades inside means that you can turn a banana and an apple into a morning smoothie, in just a matter of seconds.

Treasures of British History - £21.00
British historians, Peter and Dan Snow, have put together a giant book of British History. This is a perfect gift for a guy who appreciates history and has a strong interest in looking back at the things Britain has been through. My Grandad is in his late 70's so absolutely adores everything to do with history and his country; making this the perfect gift for him.

I've already had a little sit down and a read through it myself and it's really interesting. Each page covers a different point in History with little envelopes inside which reveal photocopies of important documents. There was a copy of a diary entry from Winston Churchill which was a really interesting read. I don't want to give too much away, but He is guaranteed to have a really fascinating read with this one. There is even a signed version available too if he's a big Dan Snow fan!

Emoji cushions are fantastic jokey presents for him, because they are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face. Choose from a wide selection of different emojis from Love Bomb; including the infamous poop emoji. 

An awesome gift set for the writer in your life. This particular gift set features a ball point and fountain pen duo in a nice little gift box ready to wrap up! 

Bulldog Beard Care Set - £12.00 Boots 
Bulldog is a great men's beauty brand that have put together this gorgeous Beard Care Kit. It is pretty self explanatory with what it does but if you're on a budget this year, this gift set is an absolute steal at just £12 from Boots. 

A stocking filler or a cheaper present idea; the Gillette Fusion ProShield razor uses Flexball technology to glide across the facial hair without cutting to the skin.

Over Hang Drinks - £17.99 pack of 12
A slightly jokey kind of gift, but one that can definitely come in handy. How many times have you had to nurse your partner's hangover on a Sunday morning? One too many beers out with the lads can land themselves in trouble the next day. However, we Overhang drinks; hangovers are no more. 

With a natural ingredients of Orange, Ginger, Lime, Milk Thistles and added vitamins and botanicals; these drinks help to refresh and revitalise the sluggish result of drinking one beer too many. Top tip though... best served chilled!

The Botanist is the first and only dry gin from Islay. It’s made with 31 botanicals, 22 of which are foraged from the surrounding area, and has a rich, mellow taste. The Botanist Christmas gift pack tin is an ideal keepsake, offering one 700ml bottle in a stylish matt white holder. The foraged botanicals are etched in Latin around the outside, mirroring the embossed etchings on the gin’s glass bottle.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye - £49.99
Single Barrel Rye is the first new grain bill to come out of the Jack Daniel’s distillery. It has a bold and complex flavour profile, with notes of dried fruit mix, lightly toasted oak, caramel and vanilla.

A smart home camera that can double up as not only a security camera, but a camera that can watch young children and pets whilst unattended. It's an invention by Nokia who are leaders in the connected health revolution. They have brought out many products within their Withings range, but this certainly is up there with how useful it can be around the home. 

Surprise, surprise. Another beard related gift idea for Him. However, they do make great gifts because they are useful! The Great British Grooming Company is a brand I discovered recently, but they are already proving popular amongst men's grooming bloggers.  

The beard wash (£4.99) is infused with subtle notes of bergamot, cedar wood, cinnamon and amber; this gentle beard shampoo is perfect for cleansing the beard of all things not-so-nice and leaves it feeling fresh and smelling good! The thickening serum (£5.99) is the one to use to strengthen the hair by building up the protein. The beard balm (£6.99) is formulated using coconut oil ,so is great at taming those fly-away hairs that refuse to stay in place. Finally, the beard oil (£8.99) is a multi-tasking oil containing argan oil in its formulation to nourish and hydrate the beard.

For the man who enjoys playing sport and feeling refreshed and invigorated afterwards, then this stylish Back Pack gift set is perfect. The canvas back pack contains all his bathing essentials in mini size versions of Baylis & Harding's invigorating Citrus, Lime & Mint fragrance.

Chocolate it always a good shout for anyone. Do we agree?! Love Cocoa Chocolate is an online brand who do all different types of chocolate that come delivered in a letterbox friendly box. I was sent over the British Icons Chocolate Collection (£21.50), which has 10 bars of their best selling chocolates. These include: Dominican Republic Milk Chocolate, Honey & Honeycomb, Earl Grey, Ecuador, English Mint (my personal favourite) and Maldon Sea Salt. 

If you have a tech lover in your life, they are guaranteed to love the Adonit Snap Stylus Pen. Not only is it a stylus pen for iPad, iPhone and Android, but it also connects to your devices through bluetooth and can be used as a handy device to capture photos. We all know how annoying it can be when taking a selfie of yourself and a group of friends, but now you can capture till your heart's content with this incredible little device. 

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were sent to me in consideration to feature in my Gift Guides.


The next round up in my Christmas Gift Guides is for Her. I have so many special ladies in my life that I need to get presents for this year, so I gathered a lot of you are probably in the same boat! Whether it's your mum, sister, grandmother or girlfriend; I've got it covered. One hefty guide; but there's sure to be at least one thing that is perfect for Her!

Ladies GUESS Rose Gold Watch - Chapelle - £99
A stunning designer watch with a large face and rose gold detailing. Bright white crystals make this watch stand out from the rest; making it feel glamorous to wear and impressive to pull your sleeve up to tell the time.

All ladies love lingerie, so it's always a good idea to get your girlfriend/wife some! Boux Avenue is a recent discovery of mine as I struggle to find high street shops that stock my cup size. However, after attending a recent press event with Boux Avenue, I saw they do bigger sizes and the designs just so happen to be really sexy too!

Tesco Beauty - Half price until Christmas Eve!
This is a brilliant range to shop if you are on a budget this year or have too many special ladies to buy for. Until Christmas Eve, you can enjoy shopping Tesco Beauty products with a half price offer until 24th December. This gorgeous Along Came Betty gift set featuring lotions and potions, is normally £20 - but you can grab it for just £10.  The Treacle Moon shower set is just £5 with this special offer!

For the geeky female in your life; treat them to a fun and quirky wireless mouth for them to surf the web with. There are a ton of different designs, including this cheeky flamingo print.

A great gift for any one who likes to fill their homes with calming aroma. No candle or flame is necessary as you just add the oil into the basin of the diffuser and plug it into the mains. The aroma from the oils fills the air and you can sit back and enjoy the fresh air.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Treats
Chocolate is always a good idea if you're stuck for gift ideas for just about anyone and for any occasion. However, there is something special about Ferrero Rochers; as they really remind me of Christmas! They have a ton of new product releases this year, including the Grand Rocher, Ferrero Shooting Star and Ferrero Cube. However, if in doubt, just get the box of classic Ferrero Rochers!

A wonderful gift idea for the lady in your life who delicately applies her makeup in the mornings. This mirror from Pebble Grey features a magnification mirror; perfect for concentrating on one aspect of the face. It also has a built in LED lamp around the edge of the mirror which lights the face for perfect makeup application. 

Avalon Organics  is a brand I had never heard of until recently. This particular gift set includes; a makeup removing gel and renewal cream; in a gorgeous gift set box. Definitely worth treating her to this!

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates - £3.99
Posh chocolates are always a good idea if you're stuck for a gift idea for Her. These Elizabeth Shaw chocolates are super delicious and dangerously very moreish! The chocolates are individually wrapped in foil that are coloured to match the colour of the outside packaging. A really nice touch! Choose from Salted Caramel Crisp, Mint Crisp and Orange Crisp. Available at all independent stores.

Real Techniques Multi-task Set - £19.99
This limited edition multitask set has 3 brand new and exclusive brushes. With unique cuts and sizes, Her makeup is guaranteed to look better than anyone else's. Perfect for the beauty lover who always has room for new makeup brushes. It comes with an angled cut brush which is perfect for contouring, an extreme tapered brush for the cheeks and a tapered eye brush for eyeshadow or setting concealer with powder under the eyes. Available at Boots.

Natura Siberica Beauty Products
All women need shampoo and conditioner all year round, so why not stock up on some products for her to last a while! The Bath Foam comes in a giant 550ml bottle and is priced at just £4.30 - perfect for those ladies that enjoy a long, bubbly soak in the tub! Treat her to a 400ml bottle of the Protecting Shampoo, priced at £5.75. There is even a Protecting Conditioner priced at £6.10 for a 400ml bottle. Overall, a really nice range, rich in Vitamin E for nourishment.

w7 Beauty Products 
I have seen this makeup range popping up on beauty blogs recently and I have been dying to get my hands on some, but didn't know where to get them. Thankfully, they are available at and are actually all reasonably priced products. The eye palettes come in tin packaging which I personally quite like.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Spotlight Essentials Collection - £40
Help draw attention to her gorgeous eyes and cheeks with the Bold Metals collection from Real Techniques. The brushes have extra long handles which make them super easy to hold and direct across the face. The set includes: an exclusive brush roll to transport and protect the brushes, 300 Tapered Brush, 102 Triangle Concealer Brush and a 203 Tapered Shadow Brush.

A gorgeous palette made up of warm red toned brown shadows and slightly more nude ones. This palette has every colour a woman could ever need for every day use; but also for more dramatic eye looks for the evening. 

Dorco Eve 6 Razor - £4.55
If you present a good quality razor to the lady in your life, prepare to be loved forever. There is nothing worse than cutting our legs in the shower by using a cheap and not so cheerful razor. I have been using this razor and I have to say, it's the best one I have ever used. Featuring a double 3 blade, a comfortable handle and shield to prevent those nasty cuts to the skin.

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume (50ml) - £28.50
Top notes of lemon, soft fruits, ozonic layers of rose and base notes of woods, vanilla, musk and balsamic amber; prepare to blow her away with this gorgeous fragrance gift set from Monsoon. Packaged in a gorgeous rose gold bottle, in a white box with rose gold detailing; this one definitely stands out from the crowd.

Toni & Guy Hair Accessories
Toni & Guy have brought out their own range of different hair accessories. They are cool, funky and can be worn to jazz up just about any outfit. My particular favourites are the pom pom hair clips! How cute!  These also make great stocking fillers!

Graftons Beauty stocks a wide range of different beauty products all in one place. The Rose & CoBath Salts and Bath Soak are perfect gifts for ladies who love rose scented bath products. The bath soaks are so cute, right?

Cold Season Bath Salts smells really strongly of Eucalyptus because they are made for people who have colds. I haven't used them yet but I imagine this would be a great present for anyone who suffers from colds most of the year!

ABBA Hair Products- prices range between $17 and $36 depending on size.
I LOVE these! I just had to include them in my gift guide as I think any lady would love them as much as me. The Colour Protection Shampoo is really good for people who find their colour drains from their hair after just a few washes. As my hair is grey, it can wash out in just one wash; so this shampoo has been saving me quite a lot! The Moisture Conditioner smells and feels really minty to the scalp and completely nourishes my dry hair.

Tribe Fragrance - £24.99
The iconic 90s fragrance is back and better than ever before! Featuring a mix of juicy fruits, rose, jasmine and orange flower; the soft musks, creamy vanilla and cedarwood compliment the perfume really well. 

THE BODY SHOP Christmas Gifts
It was without a doubt that THE BODY SHOP would make a couple of appearances within my Christmas Gift Guides this year. They sent me over a whole bunch of things but my favourites by far are the Frosted Berries candle, body lotion and Cranberry scented body butter. Super delicious and will leave her smelling good enough to eat.

Glo & Ray Shimmer Shimmer Lipstick Set - £34 
If the special lady in your life loves lipsticks and experimenting with colours and different finishes, the Glo & Ray Shimmer Shimmer set is the perfect gift. Made up of three different shades, the lipsticks have a metallic and shimmery finish. Long lasting, moisturising and very pigmented; she's bound to apply these straight away and get ready to kiss you thank you!

Original Minerals Mini Styling Minerals Kit
Original Minerals is a recent discovery of mine and I love them! I have been using a shampoo and conditioner for blondes which I will write about soon, but for now I want to share with you this Mini Styling Minerals kit. Featuring three mini bottles of a detangling spray, thickening spray and sea salt spray; this fabulous kit is guaranteed to keep her locks looking the best they can look!

BRYT Skincare Products
This skincare brand is another recent discovery of mine and I have recently introduced it to my night time routine. The particular products I love are the cleanser, serum and night moisturiser. They are packed full of key soothing ingredients such as rose and chamomile; great for anyone with sensitive or spot prone skin. The packaging (if she is a sucker like me) is also really lovely and not like anything I have ever seen before!

I fully recommend this to anyone who is looking for a really good and purifying face mask. It smells very natural due to the charcoal ingredient, but it has done wonder to my skin recently. 

Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler - £16.99 Superdrug
This is AMAZING. Look out for my review coming soon. I tried this out on my sister who has super long and thick hair and the results are exactly like an 80's perm. The price really surprised me as it's so cheap compared to other tongs on the market. It's an all round winner in my opinion! 

Exclusive to Boots, these make great gift ideas for any age, but are especially perfect for teens and younger girls. They sent me over a wide selection of different products and all are really good. I have been trying out the Cheek Stamp which is amazing for a quick blush to the cheeks and the concealer is amazing at highlighting dark circles. 

It's a big one, right? Hopefully you have found a perfect gift for a special lady in your life. Next up in my Christmas guides is for Him - a short and sweet one!

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were sent to me in consideration to feature in my Gift Guides.