Happy Thursday, everyone! I've decided instead of doing my week in photos every weekend (which you may have noticed I haven't been doing the last couple of weekends); I am going to review my month on the last day of each month.

So, I thought... why not kick start this today?

Firstly, I cannot believe how quick April has gone and that we're already in May. April has been a month of ups and downs for me. I will be addressing the downs in a separate post as I feel now sitting here (I'm in track suit bottoms and a sports bra and I swear together they're the most comfiest things ever), that I would like to address something negatively in a positive way. Watch out for that post, folks.


I have been trying to eat a lot healthier this month with the hope of finding the motivation to return to the gym. Honestly, I did return to the gym. Once. Ha! - I've been eating lots of spinach, avocado (obviously... I mean, seriously), tuna and chicken and forcing myself to have healthy breakfasts such as granola or a banana and a pint of water. I've been reviewing a plan from Exante Diet this month too which I will be posting about soon. 


Obviously, James Bay's album has been on repeat over and over again. I've even managed to persuade my mum to keep the CD (which I reviewed here) in the car! Here's some other tunes I've been loving... (and dancing around in my underwear to - don't judge me okay)
  • Stronger - Clean Bandit
  • The Ballad of Mona Lisa - Panic! At The Disco
  • 88 - Sum 41
  • Won't Look Back - Duke Dumont
  • Talking About - Conor Maynard
  • Open Up - Gallant
  • Since U Been Gone (cover) - A Day To Remember 


This month I said to myself I wanted to really push myself with my photography work. I had actually taken a few months off which left me feeling refreshed and extra inspired to get shooting again. A few weeks ago, I organised a full team with a female model and I'm so happy with the editorial. It's being published too, yay! I will be sharing the full edit on my blog in the next few weeks but here's a sneaky preview!


It literally feels as if I hardly watch films and stuff anymore which is quite sad so I need to start taking some time out to myself more! I did see Cinderella at the cinema last week which was AMAZING and I can't wait to get it on dvd! - I've also been loving The Returned on Netflix which is rather gripping. It's about people who have died and return to their families/friends as if nothing ever happened. So good!


Have you been enjoying me posting a hell of a lot more over the last couple of months? I think I've really upped my game and I feel a lot more happier about my blog. ALTHOUGH, I do feel like last month's content was better than this month's but that's just me being hard on myself haha!

My top 3 favourite posts of the month have been:
Things have been a little slow on the dating front but I am actually super content with my life at the moment. Nothing progressed with the guy I was dating last month which was sad because he was a cool guy but that's how things go, right? I went for a meal with a guy a couple of weeks ago but again; just another time waster. I did meet a nice guy a few weeks ago who bought me a cactus who I have named Colin and I love him an awful lot. 

(The cactus that is.)

Here's Colin just chilling.


I've tried to read a lot more blogs recently. I sometimes spend hours reading and commenting on them and then go a few days reading none and then find out I have 800+ to catch up on. Ooops. I've also been reading a really cool novel called Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick which is a good thriller which I am yet to finish. Here's some blog posts I really loved reading!

How has April treated you? My month in general has been okay however I haven't addressed the negatives yet but will do soon. I'm off to get a change of scenery and stay at my cousin's by the seaside. I never leave London. Ever!


  1. I only found your blog this month, but boy am I enjoying it - I think your content is great and you're quickly becoming one of my favourites to read! Love the photography by the way, absolutely stunning! I like this little round - off post to the month, cute, quirky and a good way of letting readers know what you've been up to. X


  2. Your photography is beautiful! congratulations on getting it published!

    Milli x


  3. Anonymous30/4/15

    Great post! I love the photos!

    Serena / www.ramblingsofanotherunistudent.blogspot.com

  4. These are my favourite types of posts :) Colin is a keeper, let's hope the guy is too x



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  6. I had a wonderful April, I even wrote my first ever "favourites" post - tatiannica.blogspot.com
    Great playlist! The Ballad of Mona Lisa is my favourite song of the album:)


  7. You are an incredible photographer, but I love this post! And your food pictures look absolutely incredible!
    Love, Amie <3


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